Sad News about The Queen Actress Jessica Nkosi. Actress Jessica Nkosi, formerly known as “Thando Sebata,” who starred in The Queen, attacked by a rare illness, leaving her looking like never before. The Queen’s Jessica Nkosi played the role of Hector Sebata’s, aka “Seiphemo Rapulana,” daughter.

Sad News about The Queen Actress Jessica Nkosi

As she developed into one of the show’s key actors with Brutus “Themba Ndaba” and Olerato “Lorraine Moropa,” Jessica’s acting prowess was clear for all to notice.

At Thando Sebata and Bhambata’s wedding reception, Cebo unexpectedly shot and killed Thando Sebata. The Queen had Thando for a long period, but people never got weary of watching him.


Thando’s exceptional and distinctive smile is one of her most powerful acting tools. When Thando grins, she does so in a way that draws admirers and swiftly wins hearts. Her sensitive, well-cared-for skin, along with her smile, made her a complete beauty.

Thando suffered from an uncommon skin condition that altered the appearance of her skin.

Jessica was able to demonstrate her skin care procedures on multiple occasions, which had assisted her in maintaining beautiful skin. Sadly, her skin would not be as clear as it was on The Queen.

As frightening as it is to us, it was more terrifying to Jessica herself as she cried out on her Instagram account. Jessica described how she was feeling and expressed how much it had affected her.

She said the more she rubbed her neck where the disease started, the virus would increase, and she couldn’t do anything about the pain.

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Without many words, Jessica only said, “Haaibo guys,” and that was backed with crying emojis. She asked for medical recommendations and detailed what she thought was the reason.

Jessica thought her eating habits or an aggravation of her eczema may have contributed to the illness. Skin that is irritated, itchy, cracked, and rough is a symptom of eczema.
Now that we are aware of Jessica’s illness, we would like to congratulate her on maintaining such beautiful skin despite it.

Jessica sought medical assistance and later learned that it was an allergic response. She stated she was prescribed medication for it, and she is now getting better and better.

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