Khanyi Mbau has come to Somizi’s defense after social media expressed their disapproval of the way Somgaga ‘takes every job.’ Mohale recently came under fire after it was announced that he will be joining Rhythm City for simply being Somizi’s husband.

Khanyi Mbau Defends Somizi

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Defending her friend, Khanyi said “Somizi saw a gap and he filled it” when answering a few concerned social media users tweets where they claim the South African media industry does not ‘open up the industry.’

The debate ensued when Khanyi posted a Castle Lite advert for their Bathu sneaker collaboration featuring her. One of the comments that caught her attention said, in South Africa “the same people get all the deals.” She responded by saying those people fast, pray and hustle very hard.

In the topic of Mohale getting an acting gig whilst some drama students graduate without getting any luck, a tweep argued with her saying in the industry you thrive only if you have connections.

“Nah my darling, they got connections, they are favored…Why would Somizi get a cooking show while there’s plenty qualified chef’s who can actually do the job way better than him…Why is Mohale getting acting jobs while other kids went to acting schools? Some bias moves,” the tweet read.

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In response to another tweep, Mbau simply said Somizi filled a gap that was available.

“Parents pay money because they kids have passion. The job part is another game all together, life is a battle peridot! Survival of the fittest! No one is coming to save u, n one owes u anything!! In any industry it’s about mastery! Some will serve and some will be served!” she responded.

In an interview with Trending SA, Mohale spoke about the criticism he gets after signing a major deal, saying it used to get to him when people talked bad about him but not anymore.

“In the beginning when people would share their thoughts about what I do, where I go it used to bother me. But then I said wait… I can’t be angry at people who don’t know me, or anything about me. People expect me to not do anything simply because I am married to a famous person. I can’t blame myself for getting married to Somizi. That must not mean I shouldn’t pursue any opportunities simply because people are going to say that Somizi got them for me,” proclaimed Mohale.

“I went to audition for the role. My agent sent me an e-mail saying there is an audition happening and they handpicked about six people from my agent and another six from another agent. She said to me ‘do a tape, record and let’s send it.”

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