Kwesta surprises his wife as he proposed to her last night. They say that marriage is a blessing that comes from God to us. Which is true and unfortunately it’s not everyone who will get married.

Kwesta surprises his wife as he proposed to her last night.

What people advise is that when you pray for marriage, you pray for a loving partner. Someone who will love you like your other half.

Kwesta is an award winning rapper and businessman. He has been in the industry for many years now. The rapper is married to Yolanda whom he has been with for decades.

We got a glimpse of their love on his music video Khethile Khethile. These two have two children together.

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Yes, later the rapper is still very sure of the decision he made of marrying Yolanda. Last night he proposed again. Literally went down on his knees for her.


She shared some of the pictures from the night. She’s very blessed to be loved like and we know for sure that she loves him the same way.

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