Lebo M Reportedly Gets Married Again. After denying that he will be getting married again, reports reveal that the Lion King composer Lebohang “Lebo M” Morake is allegedly married for what he alleges to be the 4th time.

Lebo M Reportedly Gets Married Again

According to Sunday World the media personality has married his lover Pretty Samuels, and they opted to keep things private. The couple apparently officiated their marriage at the Magistrate’s court for now. Their wedding will apparently take place later on in the year.

Pretty is the president of the Lebo M Foundation and had reportedly dated the 58-year-old since her appointment.

A few months ago when they had not gotten married as yet, Lebo M denied being married. Responding to Kaya FM’s report first issued by Sunday World, he said he had never been married 7 times, only 3, which means this would be this 4th if true.

“But I RESPECT KAYA NOW. I’m happy to do a LIVE interview on all marriage, divorce, family dynamics issues related if you need clarity and perspective here is my quick statement…You may reach my publicist if you so choose. I don’t expect such from you, with respect.”

Responding to the article, he said, “NOPE! I’m not getting married and have only been married 3 times (not even engaged). I’ve never remarried anyone, including Angela,” he said. “I must assume tabloids have concluded their readers are idiots to believe I’ve been married so many times..” he continued.

Lebo has reportedly been married to Nandi Morake, who now goes by the name Ndlovu-Goodjohn, Angela Ngani-Casara as well as Nandi Ndlovu.

Other women he had apparently been involved with are former Generations: The Legacy actress Zoe Mthiyane, Vivica Gibson, and Mel Ntsala.

We do not know which of his exes he is in good terms with but we sure know he and Ndlovu_Goodjohn are at loggerheads. He once told Sunday World of all their marital woes including alleged infidelity on her part.

“My kids could see this man during the day when they went to consult because he was a frontline manager at his wife’s medical centre and they would see him at night sneaking into Nandi’s bedroom. I found this to be morally wrong,” he told the publication.



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“When I went to LA to see the kids, I confronted her and said, ‘Nandi I know you and I had separated and you could see whoever you want to see, but it is morally wrong for you to have an affair with the husband of our children’s dentist,” he said.

Meawhile, Lebo is still seeking justice for his late son with Ndlovu-Goodjohn. According to City Press, Morake said at the time, he felt people orchestrated this against him, “Everyone orchestrated [this] against me … to hide the truth behind the murder of my son and the negligent role [of the nanny] in the death of my son,” he was quoted as saying.

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