Female Celebs who were forced to quit their jobs by their husbands. When a couple marries, numerous alterations occur. You no longer prioritize yourself over your partner or family as a unit. You no longer do things for yourself but for others instead.

There are also several types of husbands. There are those who prefer working for their families while their wives stay at home, and there are those who prefer independent, self-sufficient women.

Due of their husbands’ discomfort, the following celebrities had to suspend some of their work.

Sonia Mbele

The actress and author was married to the businessman and CEO of Leslie Sedibe Inc Attorneys, Leslie Sedibe. During this time, Sonia portrayed Ntombi in the SABC1 program Generations.

Ntombi was married to Dlomo Sbusiso (played by Menzi Ngubane). The relationship between the two actors was adored by many spectators. As a result of working together, they built a friendship.

Later, Sonia departed her position, and she recently said that Leslie did not approve of her Generations character and her closeness with a coworker while she was still married.

Enhle Mbali

Prior to her wedding, Enhle’s acting career was flourishing. She stopped performing after her marriage and focused more on her other occupations.

According to the actress, Black Coffee prevented her from getting gigs and halted her income flow. The actress claims that the internationally renowned musician did not approve of her filming romantic scenes with other actors.

Recently separated, Enhle has returned to the screen.

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Mercy Johnson

The Nollywood actress and Prince Okojie are married. In 2011, the pair wed, and Mercy was already a well-known actress.

In an interview, Mercy revealed that after her marriage, she was unable to accept certain acting jobs, particularly those involving romantic roles, because they made her spouse uncomfortable and unhappy. Recently, the actress has been included in the majority of comedies.

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