Death is unfriendly, Its so sad as Mashile twin cries for the loss of her SkeemSaam actress twin sister. The passing of Millicent Mashile’s mother-in-law has caused the actress and YouTuber to be in a state of sadness.

She disseminated the dreadful information throughout all of her social media platforms. “How are we supposed to say goodbye to you when we’re in so much pain and our hearts are so shattered?” How? We are having a tough time of it right now. She emailed him with the following message: “You promised to be there to greet your first granddaughter.”


Millicent offered her condolences for the pain that her mother was going through. She explained that the reason she stayed strong during her most difficult times was because she did not want them to hurt her. Nothing could have possibly ready me for the suddenness of the news of your passing… I could both see and feel the maternal affection you have for your child.

Thank you for welcoming me into your home 11 years ago, not as a daughter-in-law but rather as a daughter-in-love. I will always be grateful for that. Your relationship with the boys has always reminded me of the love that can exist between grandparents and grandchildren.

The actress wrapped up her heartfelt letter by sending her mother-in-law best wishes for the future. She promised that she would explain to her daughter how difficult the battle had to be in order for them to finally meet.

“You have captured the hearts of the younger generation. I’m still confused about the best way to let them know that you’ve departed. When I think of them, I become weak in the knees.

Mommy, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will continue to adore you till the very end of time. We are already missing you so much. I’ll make sure your granddaughter knows how hard you worked to be able to meet her, but I have no doubt that she could feel your love via every pat on the tummy she received.”

Millicent expressed her gratitude to God for the blessing of pregnancy by saying, “6 months ago God put a big smile on my face,” when she announced her pregnancy a few weeks ago. We are overjoyed to announce that we are going to be parents to a third child. She concluded her letter by writing,

“To God be the Glory, I feel very blessed.”
During her gender reveal, she declared that she had no preconceived notions regarding the baby’s gender. She added, “To tell you the truth, I didn’t set any expectations for myself.” Because I wanted to have a genuine experience, I avoided any fakes.

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Because having a kid is such a gift, I decided that I would try to maintain the same level of joy regardless of whether it was a boy or a girl.
She expressed her gratitude to her twin sister for making the experience memorable for her by stating, “I liked my gender reveal.” My day was excellent. It seems as though I’ve just now realized that I’m going to be a mother. My sister contributed a lot to the overall wonderfulness of it.

The fact that my husband is happy brings me indescribable delight. To tell you the truth, I think that if you have two boys, you absolutely need to have a female as well. So they had such things, which was not anything I was interested in. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t make a difference to me whether I gave birth to a third son.

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