Luleka mzizi gave birth to a healthy baby. her parents where not aware of her pregnancy until they see the baby with their two eyes. Meet the youngest mother at the age of 8 years.

Meet the youngest mother at the age of 8 years

Luleka started to gain weight and her parents thought they were feeding her healthy that is why she gained weight. her baby bump was not that big she just looked fat .

The little girl started to complain about gramps and back pain in the night and the pain begin to be server .her parents decided to drive her to hospital to look for help.

When they arrive ant hospital the girl was checked and admitted and her parents was then told about her condition .they new from that day that their girl is pregnant and she had delivery sign.

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She gave birth to a healthy baby girl and stayed 2 months in the hospital in a comma. she did not return to her normal standard after giving birth.

Her parents took care of the baby and prayed for their daughter to be well soon.after two months she went out of comma but she was not released from hospital.she stayed 9 months at hospital and was then discharge and went back home to her family.

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