Rest in peace Qhabanga. He wrote a departure farewell to his fans

Qhabanga who’s real name is Siyabonga Shibe wrote a departure farewell to his fans. He wrote a message dedicated to his fans and his co-workers on Uzalo. Qhabanga will be killed and he will be replaced by Pastor Mdletshe.Both Qhabanga and Gabisile will be leaving Uzalo.

Rest in peace Qhabanga

Qhabanga is no leaving for good he will be back soon. He told his fan on his page that they should not worry it does not mean when he leaves Uzalo he will be jobless. The are rumours that he and Gabisile were fired from Uzalo. Since he wrote his farewell to his fans it means that the rumours were true.

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Qhabanga’s fans are heart broken to see their favourite actor going. Uzalo won’t be the same again. Some Uzalo actors are leaving while others are returning. We have seen the return of Thulani. Thulani came back to seek revenge after he and his brother were buried alive. Thulani managed to escape when Nkunzi thought that he buried them.

Rest in peace Qhabanga

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