Rhythm City actor Mncedisi Shabangu dies, what happened? #RIP Rhythm City actor Mncedisi Shabangu reportedly passed away . Shabangu was best known for playing the role of Khulekani in the eTV soapie.

Rhythm City actor Mncedisi Shabangu dies, what happened?

What a sad time to lose yet another talented actor. Sources confirmed the actor passed away in the early hours of today. Nothing is hard as having to believe that somebody you were with not so long ago is no more .

Not soo long ago we were visited by Mr Mncedisi Baldwin Shabangu (Khulekani on Rhythm City) telling us how sad he was when he was when he had that Mr @Jamie Bartlett (David Genaro) was no more. Today I wake up to news to news that he is also no more. Rest in Peace Legend.

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Mncedisi Shabangu walks into a room and your soul shakes. I can’t remember the many times I pinched myself when you said yes to doing this sit down with me On the day I was consumed by a paralyzing sense of fear and you met me in the foyer of The Market Theatre and gave me the warmest of hugs. After this interview you said to me “This episode will immortalize you, Thozama”

I said, that’s right because you are immortal and you still are. Legends like you don’t die…

I am grateful for the affirmations, the laughs, being willing to entertain my crazy ideas. Your wholesome soul is not only made up of talent …there’s a powerful irrevocable resolve up underneath there and a heart so big all of humanity could fit inside it. Yours is a story of lighthouses and mold breaking.

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