#RIP She was stabbed to death by her boyfriend for this. Mzansi Is Left heartbroken after hearing the passing of 28 years old Dimpho. Mzansi is left so sad and painful with the killing and shooting of woman and children that is recently been taking place.

#RIP She was stabbed to death by her boyfriend for this

Mzansi has been sending their condolences to the family of Dimpho Skelenge who recently got murdered.
Dimpho Skelenge has become another victim who also got killed by her boyfriend. She lost her life after recently moved from her home town to Caledon to start a new job.

Many fans and viewers were heartbroken to hear that she tried all means to get away from her ex-boyfriend who have been following her.

Dimpho was allegedly killed by her boyfriend who could not handle being left and could not take no for an answer. According to the source her boyfriend was said to be violent and very abusive towards Dimpho. According to the source he boyfriend stabbed her to death.


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Apparently it was discovered that Dimpho has been living with stabbed wounds in hi last days.

It was reported that Dimpho was living in fear of her life over her boyfriend in the past 6 month. Her boyfriend have currently been arrested and he is facing charges of murdered.

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