Senzo Meyiwa’s best friend flexing cash ‘he was paid to lie’. This is an image of Madlala who was alleged to be Senzo Meyiwa’s best friend, and had somehow travelled all the way from another province that he resides in and has travelled to spend some time with Senzo on that fateful day.

Senzo Meyiwa's best friend flexing cash 'he was paid to lie'

This is something that has been twisted on social media to seem like it is something that should form, as evidence in the court as some form of payment towards Tumelo Madlala.

Of course these are only media speculation but it is something that has peaked the interests of many members of the public, and all these proceedings are happening at the Pretoria High Court.


Members of the public are simply reacting to a situation where it seems like Senzo Meyiwa’s best friend seems to have changed sides, but of course this is only coming from the fact that he seems to be saying things that they do not agree with and who can blame them in this situation.

He was among the six people present when Meyiwa was shot and killed at Kelly Khumalo’s home, where her family members were present. It is also alleged that the crime scene could have been whipped, also that the man could have died at home, before being transported to hospital and there are also counter theories that are being put forward about what could have happened.

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Five men are standing trial but the men found the proceedings very amusing, when the state failed to ensure that they can put the blame on them, and the situation in court was terrible as some damning allegations had been made.

It was revealed that the people who were in the home were the ones who brought the weapon, and an argument ensued where people got disarmed and firearms went off by mistake leading to the cascade of events.

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