See how Generations Actress Lerato paid lobola for her boyfriend’s sidechick. “She Is Also Your Wife!” | Here Is How Generations: The Legacy ‘Lerato’ Actress Candice Modiselle Paid Lobola For HerEx-boyfriend’s Side Chick.

See how Generations Actress Lerato paid lobola for her boyfriend's sidechick

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Former Generation: The Legacy actress Candice Modiselle recently had Mzansi sympathising with her after she revealed how her ex-boyfriend once duped her.

Speaking on the Kings Cast podcast , Candice Modiselle opened up about how his ex-boyfriend once borrowed from her and used the money to pay lobola for his side chick.

The whole conversation started after one of the interviewers on the podcast asked her if she has ever given a boy money.

She said that she has and described it as the worst business decision she has ever made.
The interviewer asked her why would she give her boyfriend money, responding Candice Modiselle said that they were dating.

Candice Modiselle revealed that her now ex-boyfriend asked her to lend him money because his uncle had died. She said that her ex wanted money for a funeral contribution and she loaned it to him.

However, after she gave him the money, her ex-boyfriend ghosted her for a couple of days.

She ended up contacting him and breaking up with him. Candice also asked for her money back
“I was like bro!! What is going on?

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And I just said to him, listen give me back my money, you and I no longer need to see each other, it’s fine but I just want my money back,” she said.

She said that after she contacted him, he responded months later saying that he will pay her back in instalments. Months later, she went to her ex’s former workplace and whilst there she bumped into one of her friends.

Candice Modiselle revealed that her friend informed her whilst she was still dating her ex, he paid lobola for another woman. She also got to found out that he used the money that he borrowed from her to pay lobola for his side chick.

Candice Modiselle’s story sparked mixed reactions on Tik Tok.

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