Scandal Romeo “Hungani” bought a car for his lovely Wife Stephanie Sandows. If there is one woman who is the luckiest of them all on earth it has to be Steph Ndlovu.

Scandal Romeo “Hungani” bought a car for his lovely Wife Stephanie Sandows

Whatever prayer she said to God when she was praying for her man she should really share it with other ladies, what her husband did for her is just out of this world.

Stephanie Sandows and Hungani Ndlovu have been together for quite some time now. When the pair came out with their relationship it shocked many because most people knew them just as colleagues.

They were both on Scandal at around the same time, Steph played the character Ingrid whilst Hungani played Romeo.

The two has since gotten married and have recently given birth. As a result of that, you will not believe what Hungani got his wife as a gift.

Hungani bought Steph a car, not just any car but a whole BMW. If this is not romantic in your vocabulary of romantic then I do not know.Congratulations to Steph on the purchase of the car by her husband.

The couple shared the news of its pregnancy journey and birth announcement on its YouTube channel on Wednesday.Previously, the couple shared that at some point in its relationship, it suffered a miscarriage and shared the healing journey on its channel.

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The good news is Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu welcome first baby .The couple has not shared the gender of its newborn baby.

“Getting back into the swing of things is wholeheartedly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but I am trying to exercise patience and kindness with myself, being present in every moment on this new journey,” she wrote.

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