Senzo Meyiwa’s Friend Broke-down In Court. Here Is What Happened. Tumelo Madlala, a close friend of Senzo Meyiwa, who was in the house on the night of the shooting will took the stand this morning. Ac posing to the source Senzo Meyiwa’s friend asks for a break before going into moments before the fatal shooting.

Senzo Meyiwa's Friend Broke-down In Court. Here Is What Happened

Senzo Meyiwa’s friend has broke down when he had to speak about what happened during the shooting. Today we follow the hard witness who also happen to be Senzo Meyiwa’s friend. The third witness has asked for a break just before he could give his statement during the night of shooting.

It’s been years since the death of the former Orlando Pirates goalkeeper in 2014. Senzo Meyiwa’s friend Tumelo Madlala has been friends since when they were young.

Tumelo Madlala has told the courtroom that he arrived on Sunday. He says a day before he got killed he called him to ask if Kelly Khumalo have sent him money to come to Gauteng.

Mandla said that when Senzo fetch him, he was driving with Kelly Khumalo and her sister Zandi together with Mthokozis. He said that they stopped at the tarven on their way to Kelly Khumalo’s house. Mandla has told the court that Zandi and Mthokozisi were the once who get off the car to buy alcohol.

Mandla said that he step out of the house to smoke with Mthokozisi. He says that he told him to wait a little longer. As he continue to testify Mandla has told the court to give him a break.

Pointing at the picture, voice audibly shaky, Madlala says, “He was lying there.”

“The way he was down I don’t know whether he hiding,” showing the court Senzo lay on his left side between the couch and the TV stand.

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Madlala says it’s unclear if Senzo was hiding or what but he laid on the side, facing down. Madlala says he went into the room and there were a lot of clothes and blankets and that is where he hide his phone. He wanted to go out through the window but there were burglar bars.

Madlala, tears showing in his eyes, says, “When he came out of the bedroom, he could hear everyone calling Senzo’s name. He went into the sitting room and he saw Senzo lying between the couch and the TV stand.

Madlala says he ran inside the bedroom. He was leaning against the bedroom door. He was not standing but seated because he was fearing that this person could come into the bedroom.

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