Skeem Saam Actor Clement Maosa opens up on two suicide attempts. South African actor Clement Maosa better known Kwaito on primetime soapie Skeem Saam has opened up on his two failed suicide attempts.

Skeem Saam Actor Clement Maosa opens up on two suicide attempts

Maosa was on Podcast and chill with MacG when he opened up about various life challenges including the death if his parents, witchcraft and depression.

Clement said he didn’t have it easy growing up he lost his parents at a tender age and all this didn’t seat well with him.

He opened up that his mother’s death was because of witchcraft in their village wherw he grew up from in a village in Limpopo.

“At one point in my life I wanted to end it all. So here is what happened, at first I ate a lot of hair relaxing chemical. I didn’t know if it kills but because it’s a chemical.

“After some time eating it, I was having some tummy pains and they gave me some milk to drink and that’s what brought me back to life,” said Maosa.

The second failed attempt he tried to run into on coming traffic.

“So the second time, I was driving my Dad’s Toyota criseda and there was an oncoming truck and as I approached the bridge I told myself that I’m going to swave to the truck and what ever happens, happens.”

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He later revealed that the failed suicide attempts proved to him that he needed to work hard for his life and not cauae pain to the family.

He has also revealed that he has been attending therapy to help him overcome his past traumas.

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