South African celebrity Lasizwe is pregnant Fans adore Lasizwe for his ability to elicit conversation from others. Lasizwe is entertainment personified, from the amusing videos he posts on social media to the practical jokes he plays.

South African celebrity Lasizwe is pregnant

Lasizwe has carved out a niche for himself in this cutthroat market and has stayed true to it. He stands out from his colleagues since every piece of content he posts must contain some humor.

Nomatriquency, his female alter ego, has gained Lasizwe respect in the business. The character, who is renowned for her vibrant hairstyles and outspokenness, signed a contract with Game Stores in 2019.

Lasizwe also scored a role with Steers for the character Nomatriquency a year ago. Nomatriquency is the manager for Steers in the promotion with the fast food restaurant.

He/she has been filming a web series while visiting Steers restaurants across the nation. The media figure and content developer most recently won two Prism Awards for the NomatriquencyxSteers project.

Don’t delve too deeply into the last frame with your inquiries! Just offer your congratulations and proceed! Lasizwe claimed that the Virgin Mary multiplied and never died.

Opinion: Mohale and Lasizwe match made in heaven?

Many people have questioned if Lasizwe and Mohale are actually dating or whether they are merely putting on a show to garner attention and irritate Somizi Mhlongo.

People have been curious about Lasizwe and Mohale ever since they made an appearance at this month’s Durban July, and the two appear to be relishing their moment in the spotlight.

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Opinion: Mohale and Lasizwe match made in heaven?
They’ve been “seen” together a few more times since their initial outing.

They kissed in front of thousands of onlookers twice, once during the Comedy Central Roast of Khanyi Mbau’s recording and once more on Instagram Live.

The public displays of affection Lasizwe and Mohale have put on during each of these outings have been a recurring theme, leading some to speculate that they might be dating.

Lasizwe has since made an appearance and emphasized that they are “just pals.”


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