Top actress haunted by a ‘ghost’!THE past has literally come back to haunt Faith on House of Zwide. She’s losing her mind, and has started hearing and seeing things.

Top actress haunted by a 'ghost'!

The ghost of her estranged husband Funani’s first wife, Busi, whom she plotted to kill more than 20 years ago, is haunting her.

It is trying to convince her to confess to what she did, claiming Funani will understand and take her back.

And by the look of things, she’s starting to believe this as the only way out of her misery.
Little does she know the ghost just wants her to pay for her sins,

Meanwhile, there’s trouble in paradise for Fikile and Mazwi on Generations:The Legacy.

She has given him an ultimatum – either give him shares at Moroka Media or their marriage ends.
Instead, Mazwi gave shares to journalist Lelethu in exchange for his silence. Lelethu found out that his baby
mama, Sphe, killed serial killer Winston, and didn’t want her to go to jail.

However, Fikile is gatvol with working hard and not being appreciated. But who would blame her? Mazwi has clearly chosen Sphe over her. On Muvhango, Tenda framed mayor Susan for a murder he committed.

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He also implicated her in corruption cases she has no knowledge of. This is all because she refused to work
with him. Tenda has Susan right where he wants her.

If she agrees to be his puppet, he says he will help clear her name.

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