Tweeps Breathing Fire Down Lady Du’s Neck, Amapiano songstress Lady Du is currently catching smoke following her tweet vouching for somebody to be paid. This comes after a picture of a certain guy making rounds on social media where he is single-handedly fixing the potholes in his area.

Tweeps Breathing Fire Down Lady Du's Neck

Evidently, tweeps have been rubbed the wrong way following Lady Du’s tweet, urging the government to pay this mystery guy who is fixing potholes in his area. Although the guy’s pictures have been making rounds on social media. However, when Lady Du re-posted the pictures and eluded that government should pay the him for his good deeds. Tweeps did not beat around the bush to let Lady Du know what time it was.

“This guy needs to be paid something by the government our tips are not enough” wrote Lady Du

Nine out of ten times whenever she posts on Twitter, it is always bound for Lady Du to always catch smoke. This time around was no exception as tweeps feel as though the amapiano queen is getting too big for her boots.




Taking under her comment sections, tweeps have lambasted the amapiano singer and songwriter Lady Du for somehow playing a savior. It appears Lady Du is never short of anything to say to upset the Twitter streets, irrespective of what she posts.

“Paid? That’s why south Africa is bankrupt everyone wants something from government” wrote Keavaccine

“Paid for what? Benana niyathanda upraiser into engekhe, ugovernment lo makalungise indlela niyeke ube nisixelele uba paid paid, for ntoni? Petshi Petshi hayi” wrote Afikile

Instead some tweeps have urged Lady Du to pay from her own pockets. Tweeps have also inserted that she has the means and people in high places with deep pockets who can be off assistance and leave government alone.

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“Just pay the dude what you can and stop instructing government to your own benefit. There are probably over a 1000 people doing this, why is this case special? Liya tena” wrote Dr Ralix

“You have connections so please make it happen BossLady” wrote Tate van Der Byleveld

Whatever beef tweeps have will Lady Du, it is not something to end anytime soon.


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