Uzalo actor conquers Comrades Marathon! ACTOR Cebolenkosi Mthembu managed to finish the Comrades Marathon despite difficulties.

Uzalo actor conquers Comrades Marathon!

The actor, who shot to fame when he joined Uzalo as detective Nyawo, started participating in the marathon
from 2018.

This year, the marathon hosted about 70 countries. Mthembu said that getting to the finish line was hard.

“It was too hard for me this year but I managed to finish within 11 hours. Marathons are not for the fainthearted. I had so many stops this time compared to the other years. Perhaps, not having enough time to train was the reason,” he said

“This marathon is not easy. What I noticed is that most of the runners were struggling. It could happen that the
two- year gap is the reason most runners found it difficult to finish,” he said.

After Covid-19 hit Mzansi in 2020, the Comrades Marathon took a break. Mthembu said he stopped training hard for it because he did not know when it would be back.

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“But I promise that next year, I will be fit and I will make sure that I finish a bit early,” he said.

Uzalo took to social media to congratulate the actor for finishing the race.

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