Jub jub breaks down in tears on national tv.Uyajola99 is a show that is built on the shock factor. Oftentimes it is difficult to be truly to be neutral while watching. The premise is to catch cheaters in the act and they always succeed. This week Jub Jub was caught off guard by the content.

Jub jub breaks down in tears on national tv

A woman cheating will often make people balk. Probably because we are used to it being men. However, it finally happened and the story behind it was heartbreaking. Hearing a grown man describe that he would watch his lady walk off to another man’s car or dish food for him was tough.

Jub jub usually is quite snarky on this show but he was touched. He began to cry quite adamantly and resolve the issue as best as he could. It was quite a scene. People were genuinely loved by him and it was sweet to see.

One user wrote, “Jub Jub doesn’t not like when it’s older people , it troubles him too. He becomes emotional , I respect him for that. #Uyajola99”

While another user wrote, “Uyajola99 Wise words from Jub Jub 👏🏽 that was a great advice never expected him to cry 🥲”



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A final user wrote, “Jub Jub is crying because he understands the chaos, hurt and endless pain the actions of a self people, unleash on innocent people #Uyajola99 He was one of those self pleasing, selfish people and his actions changed peoples lives forever.”

Of course emotions are normal and it was quite strange for a man to cry. But I’m glad he did, it shoes the message that may resonate with someone out there, that men can cry too.

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