A video clip of a school girl assaulting a fellow learner has sparked an outrage. The clip which is currently circulating on social media shows the girl in school uniform beating and kicking another girl while other school learners are cheering. The victim can be seen dragged on a gravel road with her underwear torn by her attacker. The learners are reportedly to be from Mathole Secondary school in KwaZulu-Natal.

Video of school girl assaulting fellow learner and taking off her underwear causes a huge outrage

It’s so sad that Our society is breeding monsters? Why do we have so much violence? What is wrong with us? What must be done? These are the questions that angry South Africans are asking following the trending video.

Several people have tagged the proactive Gauteng MEC Panyaza Lesufi to please deal with everyone that was involved, the ones watching and including the camera girl who filmed the assault. It’s angering to see the shame the young victim will now live with for the rest of her life. Such situations usually result in suicide cases. Where is Ubuntu in our time?

Lesufi has confirmed that the KwaZulu-Natal education MEC is currently dealing with the situation. Lesufi also expressed shock and disbelief after watching the video. “The MEC @MshenguKwazi is already attending to this matter. This is completely unacceptable. I couldn’t even finish watching the video,” Lesufi said.


This is what other angry social media users are saying:

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@MelloMhayise This is just disgusting I hope she is arrested for this .. and what’s wrong with people we rather take videos instead of stopping all this nonsense.

@ThokozanShon13 So sickening honestly. We are such a violent nation. They must also deal with all the bystanders, the ones urging her on. How can other human beings watch and do nothing, our children worst of all. What is it saying about how we are raising them? This is unexceptable. No Ubuntu!

@Luh_Thechamp This is the sad reality of the present time. A person can be dying and in need of help and people just taking videos with their phones instead of offering assistance. The girl deserves to be expelled and arrested.Sies man!

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