Vusi Thanda says Shona Ferguson used to gift him with R12 000 every month. Vusi Thanda has opened up about being financially saved by Shona Ferguson a few years back. The late Kings of Joburg star helped the legendary Emzini Wezinsizwa Actor when he was sick and unable to work.

Vhusi Thanda revealed that Shona Ferguson used to give me 12K for 3 months for every month end

Talking to DJ Sbu on his podcast The Hustler’s Corner, Vusi Thanda opened up about how much Connie Ferguson and her late husband Shona Ferguson had so much respect for him and even helped whenever they could.

“He respected me, he called me in different ways, papa, father together with his wife, ” he told DJ Sbu.

In 2020, Vusi said Shona used send him money for food. It started with a R5000 food voucher and then 12 000 monthly.

“You know Sho sent his driver with a voucher of R5000 and said, tell him to guy buy food because Diabetes is a sickness that is related to food. Thereafter he called me and gave me R12 000 for three months every month end. I appreciate the company’s love.”

Speaking on his death, he said he was shocked to learn that Shona had died adding that he was a strong young and loving man.

“I couldn’t believe it. That young man was so strong. What a loving man,” he said.

Vusi Thanda had publicly asked for assistance in settling his R45 000 debt which he owed to his landlord. For many what shocked the most was the fact that a talented actor of years of excellence could not afford to own his own property.

He spoke about how he survives on government grant which is about R1900.

“In our industry, if you are not shooting you won’t get paid. When I appealed to South Africans it was because I had no choice. I was sitting here on my bed on Tuesday when I heard a very rude knock on my door. When I opened it, it was my landlord wanting his rent money. I have not been able to pay rent since late last year. I owe the landlord about R45,000,” he said.

“The pension money that I survive on is not enough to buy groceries, pay for my son’s school fees, his transport and buy my diabetic medication. Last year, I had to shoot Ikhaya Labadala not feeling well because I needed the money. This year, I have not even auditioned because there are no roles for people of my age.”

He first asked for help in a Facebook post written by Nozuko MaRhadebe wrote: “As far as am concerned, this is Tshawe from e Mzini wezintsizwa. These are the people we grew up watching in the entertainment industry. We know life is like can knock you sometimes, no one has their formula. Life has knocked him too like anyone. Please people a person’s R10 can go a long way. Life is not easy for him, at times he needs to go to the clinic for treatment, and age is a problem already.

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“I humble myself please no negative comments people, am not trying to be arrogant but if you are not interested just keep quiet. I will ask him to make a video with his account number to avoid a scam. Tomorrow is me that day it’s you. Anyone who can help please Lords,” she wrote.

Sharing his bank cards in a video, Vusi did not anticipate receiving more than he had asked for. He received R100 000 in donations.

He told Daily Sun that he was scared of the negative comments from people, ‘I am scared to talk now. I am old and I can’t take such treatment from young people.”

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