South African writer, Nota Baloyi was a recent guest on Gigi Lamayne’s podcast POV X Gigi and he spoke about his relationship with Kwesta while he was still managing him. The Authority, as he calls himself, aired Kwesta’s personal ‘problems’ and how he had to ensure they did not affect his career.

WATCH: ‘Kwesta gets a stripper pregnant’ – Nota Baloyi spills the beans

Nota is a retired music executive who also managed Kwesta a few years back. He spoke to Gigi about how he felt when Kwesta impregnated his girlfriend and how he had to make sure his career did not get affected.

“When he got his girlfriend pregnant, as much as I did not approve of the relationship or whatever. First things first, Drum Magazine ‘Kwesta gets stripper pregnant’,” he quoted the publication.

“Now I need to be like okay, this guy has got a career in music, he needs to support this girl and he needs to make sure that he is making enough money to stop her from working at Lollipop Lounge occasionally,” he added.

Kwesta is married to wife Yolanda Vilakazi and they have two daughters together, Khai Asemahle Vilakazi and Kenya Elihle Vilakazi. They have been together for about 12 years. So which stripper Nota Baloyi makes mention of is mind-boggling.

He then added that he had to step up and be a father to Kwesta by making sure he makes enough money to support the apparent girlfriend and their kid. This meant he had to make sure he does not become a father himself.

“I’m not his father but I need to make sure that he is making enough money so that he can support his girlfriend. So, that he can keep her and protect her from being on the streets. Which means I can’t be reckless and get some girl pregnant at the same time.”


There has been some drama regarding Kwesta a few months back when his alleged side-chick Nthabiseng revealed herself.

This was just after Kwesta apparently proposed to his wife Yolanda which tweeps thought was his way of ‘apologizing’ to her.


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These receipts were brought forward by Musa Khawula who wrote, “A look inside the secret life of Kwesta with his girlfriend Nthabiseng who lives in Mbombela. Kwesta is cheating on his wife Yolanda Vilakazi and is said to always spend his time with Nthabiseng when he gigs around Mbombela.

“Did you know that Kwesta also has a song dedicated to his side chick Nthabiseng?”

Tweeps react to Nota’s comments:


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