Broke Faith Nketsi and husband Nzuzo Njilo’s property repossessed by Sheriff over R1 million fraud debt.

Broke Faith Nketsi and husband Nzuzo Njilo’s property repossessed by Sheriff over R1 million fraud debt

Faith Nketsi’s husband, Nzuzo Njilo, trended a few weeks after his traditional wedding with the reality superstar as it was revealed that he had gone broke after he was charged with fraud.

The business mogul was rumoured to be owing R1 million that he could not pay back to Lund industries. Things are not looking good for Njilo as debt collectors knock at his doorstep to get back the money he owes them.

Nzuzo Njilo allegedly defrauded Lund industries out of a total of R978 104. This was just before his secret wedding to video vixen Faith Nketsi. The company had entered into a deal with the businessman to buy copper concentrate, but Njilo did not honour his part of the business contract.

The other company had already made a down payment of part of the total amount of the transaction. The businessman started ignoring Lund industries’ attempts to communicate with him, leading to the news breaking out on social media.

After the first news broke out, Faith, who had added the Njilo name to her bio, then deleted it. There were rumours that she dumped Nzuzo when he became broke. All this news shocked fans as the Njilo family is known to be loaded. Nzuzo was estimated to be worth around R240 million in May 2022.

Faith Nketsi and Nzuzo Njilo’s fraud
A few days ago, the couple trended again as news broke out that they had welcomed their first child. Following the good news about their baby, Nzuzo has begun trending again as he still has not paid his debt. Bazuka Attorneys, who act on behalf of Lund industries, were granted permission to attach Njilo’s properties and auction them to pay off the debt he owes.

Faith Nketsi’s rented car present-
Faith Nketsi’s rented car present-Image Source(Instagram/Faith Nketsi)
When they came knocking on his door, Nzuzo is said to have pleaded poverty. The sheriff managed to get goods worth R35 000, including beds, television sets and couches. The cars they show off on social media are said to be rented from a car dealership in Sandton and are not theirs.

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Nzuzo Njilo is said to have told the court sheriff that he did not have many properties. Most of the goods in his home were not owned by him. He, however, asked the sheriff if he could make the payment this coming week so that he could save the property that has been attached. The debt collectors walked away in disappointment after only recovering a small fraction of what was owed to Lund industries.

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