WATCH | Passengers ‘behaving badly’ on moving bus roof on busy Durban highway. A bus driver and passengers who walked on the roof of the moving vehicle on the busy N3 highway on Sunday, should be charged for endangering the lives of other road users.

WATCH | Passengers ‘behaving badly’ on moving bus roof on busy Durban highway

This is according to Durban metro Police spokesperson Boysie Zungu, who told TimesLIVE on Monday the actions of the driver and passengers were “totally against the law”.

“All should be charged for this behaviour,” he said.

In a video clip posted on Twitter, several passengers are seen walking on the vehicle’s roof at the Spaghetti Junction interchange.

Occupants of a car travelling next to the bus encourage one passenger, who is hanging on the side of the bus, to swing his legs into their vehicle.



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The act was captured on a dashcam.

Zungu said Durban metro police would step up freeway patrols to ensure officers were more vigilant.

“We have zero tolerance for this kind of behaviour.”

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