Somebody should tell Alph Lukau that Easter was last weekend, and he’s missed the boat to perform yet another “resurrection” stunt. The controversial pastor has not let recent criticism get in the way of his show-stopping performances however and he’s been using those “healing hands” once again.

A video from his latest sermon shows three women being wheeled out on hospital beds, all suffering from various illnesses. A man who claims to be a doctor explains their issues, before going off on an anecdote about his own credentials – nothing screams “legitimate doctor” like someone taking five minutes to deny they’re a fraud…

Alph Lukau’s latest “healing” stunt
Anyway, the man with the golden microphone finally gets to work, claiming to summon “the power of God” as he deals with problems ranging from abscesses to cancer. That’s right, Alph Lukau is now out here claiming that he can cure the incurable – which is right up there with any of those “back from the dead” claims.

The circus continues
Back in February, Lukau went viral for all the wrong reasons when footage of him “bringing a dead person back to life” spread like wildfire. The man he resurrected was thought to be a long-time collaborator of the pastor’s, paid to act out the scene. However, tragedy struck just a few weeks ago when Brighton Moyo actually died in Zimbabwe.

The divisive act even drew presidential attention, as Cyril Ramaphosa lead calls for the regulation of faith-based operations. He blamed the likes of Alph Lukau for trying to “hoodwink” South Africans into believing something that simply isn’t true:

“Those who are doing things that are completely shocking, of trying to hoodwink the whole nation and saying that someone has been raised from the dead, it is actually bringing the name of the Lord, of God and of churches into disrepute.”

Watch Alph Lukau perform “another miracle” here:
(It’s a long video, so we’ve isolated some key times for you.)

2:14:00 – Alph Lukau addresses the “patients”.
2:17:30 – The doctor tries to prove he’s a real doctor.
2:21:00 – The healing begins!
2:22:30 – The first miraculous recovery is complete.

Source : The south African


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