The eyes of the world are upon South Africa this month, as the 2019 Elections get underway next Wednesday. After a long slog of campaigning, the political parties of South Africa will be looking for any boost they can get ahead of the big day. But the EFF may have a secret weapon up their sleeve, and it’s from beyond our borders.

If you came across a political party under the name of “ZEFF” before, you’d be forgiven for thinking Die Antwoord were launching a bid for the presidency. It actually stands for Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters – a sister party of the South African red berets, forged and moulded in their image.

The party also have chapters in Liberia, Botswana and Namibia – the latter of which have already contested a national election. However, the burgeoning supporter base is establishing a strong presence in Zimbabwe, and the Zim EFF are willing all compatriots eligible to vote in South Africa to get behind Julius Malema and co:

“South Africa is at the crossroads. The country is at the cusp of history. The people of South Africa have clear choices in this election. They can choose more of the underachieving ANC, the ‘baasskap’ DA, or the progressive and radical EFF.”

“Zim EFF, in the here and now, call upon compatriots of Zimbabwean origin eligible to vote in South Africa in the coming elections to choose [the] EFF. A vote for [the] EFF is an investment for South Africa and the continent as a whole.”

Julius Malema has previously called for the establishment of an EFF Council that serves the whole of Africa. With the party forecast to reach 10% of the vote during SA’s May elections, it’s becoming harder and harder to dismiss how influential Juju and his supporters have become, both at home and on an international level.

The Zimbabwe EFF Commander-in-Chief, Innocent Ndibali, has also been invited to attend the Tshela Thupa rally on Sunday, which will be the last huge campaign event held by the red berets ahead of Wednesday’s vote.

Source : The South Africa


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