Watch why Khanyi Mbau doesn’t want to see Pearl Thusi and Somizi at her Comedy Central show. Khanyi Mbau becomes the first black woman to get a roast show on Comedy Central, but Pearl Thusi and Somizi Mhlongo are not invited.

Watch why Khanyi Mbau doesn’t want to see Pearl Thusi and Somizi at her Comedy Central show

It’s time to get roasted, and Khanyi Mbau sits in the hot seat.

Khanyi has accepted Comedy Central’s invitation to be the guest of honour.

The Wife actor returned to South Africa from where she now calls home, which is Dubai. Khanyi has been there with her man Kudzai enjoying the crystal clear waters. Mbau recently sat down with Tshisa Live to discuss being the first black woman to be roasted on the Comedy Central special.

One of the central points discussed was Khanyi not wanting her friend Somizi and Pearl Thusi to partake in the show.

Let’s get to it, and I’ll start with the Black Pearl and why Khayi is barring her from being a part of the show.
In 2020, Pearl invited Khanyi to her show on BET called Behind The Story. Everything was going well until the topic of colourism and favouritism in the entertainment industry invaded the conversation.

Pearl expressed her feelings on how hard it is for her as a light-skinned woman; she then broke down and cried.
Thusi received backlash for overtaking Mbau’s interview, and some felt that she was insensitive because everyone knows that Khanyi Mbau bleached her skin.The decision to ban Pearl Thusi from the roast comes in. Mbau said from that interview that she felt that Thusi takes things too personally because that interview ended up in tears.

So the lesson here is, don’t break down in front of Khanyi, ok?

Then we go to SomG.
A few weeks ago, he mentioned that he was angry with Khanyi in his reality show Living The Dream With Somizi.

The actor says someone told her while she was in Dubai that Mhlongo was angry with her.
” So when I heard this, I said, ooh, then I don’t want Somizi because he’s angry with me he’ll probably go off.” She said,

Khanyi will be the first woman to get a roast in Africa, and she says she has an excellent idea of what she will get roasted on.

She said that she was sure they would call her out on her skin.
“They’re gonna say, how can they tell a first black woman when she’s white.”

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She also mentioned that they would talk about her career choices and being an actress in The Wife. We know they won’t let that one slip by.

Khanyi broke the internet when she and Mondli Mmakhoba, who plays her husband on the show, appeared in a raunchy scene together.

She also mentions that some will say that she wanted to be a wife so much that she ended up playing the wife.
Watch the interview below.

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