Wedding bells for Somizi Mhlongo. South African media personality, Somizi Mhlongo is getting married, again! He has been dating his boyfriend for a while now. The information is contained in the latest episode of Living the Dream with Somizi season 5.

Wedding bells for Somizi Mhlongo

During his conversation with Phamo and Ndo Maleho, he gave details of how he met the new guy.

“I’m glad that Phamo is here so that I can hear his point of view. I’m ready to move on and I’ve met someone. I like that he wants to be private.

“He has a career and a house, which means he pays a bond. He has a car and he is extremely into me. It’s been a month now,” he said.He claimed that he emotionally dumped his ex a year ago. “It looks like I jumped into another relationship but it’s not like that. I saw this guy, the day after my divorce. We have been dating for a long time and now it’s time for them to know. I’m officially off the market,” said Somizi.


He said the guy has his own assets.

“I cannot afford to date a guy who I still have to establish. The person must come with assets. We have to meet at the same level. The person I’m dating right now is very comfortable,” he said.

In the previous episodes, he casually told his daughter, Bahumi, that he was getting married.

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He also asked his family in Durban, KZN, to spiritually disconnect him from the ex-husband’s ancestors.

However, he was careful enough not to reveal the identity of his current boyfriend.

In a twist of events, he said he was getting married to himself.

He even redesigned his wedding ring and asked his friend and musician, Vusi Nova, to pop the question to him.

“My biggest highlight for this season is that I’m am getting married again,” he said.

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