Condolences pour to Gomora actor Ntokozo. Gomora star Ntokozo “Ntobeko Sishi” joined Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka on the 959 Breakfast show, where he shared a heartbreaking family story.

Condolences pour to Gomora actor Ntokozo

After hearing how he battled for his dream of becoming famous, his fans were inspired by how he overcame adversity to achieve his goals.

Ntobeko Sishi, who plays Ntokozo, the son of Gladys and Melusi Dlamini (Zolisa Xaluva), in the telenovela Gomora, recently opened up about his childhood and all of the difficulties he encountered while he was growing up.

Gomora is currently airing on Telemundo. Ntobeko, in contrast to many other famous people, did not have a silver spoon placed in his mouth as he was growing up.

Ntokozo’s real life struggles left fans teary Instead, he had to fight his way up through the cutthroat entertainment industry and pave his own way. The actor shared his story with Dineo and Sol, revealing that he was just six years old when his mother passed away.

When I was six years old, my mother passed away. Afte her passing, I had a very difficult relationship with my father, and things in general started to fall apart.

Even though I was very little, I was still able to perceive and understand that my father harbored a great deal of hatred for me.

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I can’t help but wonder what a son of only six years old might have done to him. But I think I finally understand him, because grownups have their own problems, and they communicate their emotions in different ways.

The tragic history of Ntobeko Sishi’s family is recounted by actor Ntobeko Sishi.

When things got difficult for Ntobeko at home, his aunt and uncle rushed to his aid and offered to take him to live with them instead.

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