Double trouble: The Queen actress ‘Georgina’ Sibusiswe Jili loses her job and fiancé in one week. It’s trouble in paradise after Sibusiswe Jili lost her fiance Tshepo Tsele and her job on The Queen as Georgina.

Double trouble: The Queen actress ‘Georgina’ Sibusiswe Jili loses her job and fiancé in one week

Undoubtedly, that was one of the darkest weeks of Jili’s life after these two extreme events occurred successively. On The Queen, the bubbly actress starred as a celebrated policewoman who knew how to make ends meet. Her character was cancelled barely two years after joining the show.

Indeed, love is not Sibusiswe’s favoured topic recently after things went hey wire with her baby-daddy. Some time ago, Sibusiswe opened up about how she fell in love with a scammer who pretended to be a Pilot. She said she believed him and saw herself with a pilot before realising the truth and dumping him.

On The Queen, Georgina falls in love with her friend’s best friend in Schumaker ‘Vuyolwethu Ngcukana‘, who leaves her without saying a word. It later came out that Schumaker is a criminal who did drugs and later brought trouble to Georgina’s parents Mjekejeke and Sis Patty.

The Queen actress ‘Georgina’ Sibusiswe Jili dumped her fiance Tshepo Tsele.
Close sources to Jili said that Tshepo kept a lot of issues away from his fiance Sibusiswe and that was his visa out of the relationship. He noted that Tshepo hid crucial information about his private life and businesses, which did not set well with open and committed Sibusiswe.

The source also said that Tshepo also lied on petty issues like his academic qualifications, which was a big turn of Jili. Another source said that Tshepo had his close relatives never reveal the details of his life to Sibusiswe. In doing so, Jili felt unwelcome to the family and decided to dump Tshepo for good.

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Georgina’s last appearance raised eyebrows before the information came out. He was said to have gone abroad on a work mission, and that was it for the clean detective Georgina. In the show, Georgina completed the Zulu family with Sis Patty and Mjekejeke. The three became a crucial family that had no money or criminality in its blood. Georgina had been in The Queen for about two years, and fans loved her so much. After losing the job, she went down to KZN, fresh after such a long time with The Queen.

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