Imbewu fans left Shocked as Nkululeko and Makhosazana get fired at once.Zakithi fires Makhosazana and Nkululeko as soon as she becomes CEO.

Imbewu fans left Shocked as Nkululeko and Makhosazana get fired at once.

Nirupa stepped in to salvage Shria’s awful cooking, Poppie noticed an unusual smell in the home, and Mzwandile vowed vengeance when he discovered that Zithulele had killed his cousin in the automobile accident.


Nkululeko confronts Makhosazana about the incriminating film, and Poppie has a feeling that there is dark sorcery going on in the commune.

Phakade convinces Mzwandile to listen to what Zithulele has to say after Zakithi reveals that Zithulele is going to plead guilty and that he plans to speak to Mzwandile .

Zakithi also reveals that he plans to speak to Mzwandile. The tension between Khanyo and MaNdlovu regarding the moral standards of the family has reached an all-time high, and Mzwandile’s wound has reopened and is becoming septic as a result.

Khanyo has no choice but to ask Phakade for assistance, Nirupa is in trouble when she is caught taking Thando’s recipe, and Zakithi’s first day as CEO comes to a close with her dismissing Makhosazana and Nkululeko from their positions.

Lindo remains resolute in his mission to locate the muti at the commune, and Phakade confronts MaNdlovu and MaZulu about meeting Sakhile in prison.

Shria and Nirupa make an attempt to bribe Thando, but she is serious about her business and shows up with her attorney.

Zakithi demonstrates the depth of her contempt for Sibongile, and the Bhengu representatives concur with her decision to meet with Sakhile Ndawonde.

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During the ceremony of forgiving one another, Sakhile confronts Mzwandile about his romantic relationship with Khanyo, and Zithulele is attacked and stabbed.

When the Bhengu family is informed of Zithulele’s assault and that he is in the hospital, as well as when MaNdlovu is advised to stay away from Phakade’s bed, they experience more anxiety.

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