Video leak: “Klaas Pesha wants half of my estate” Dineo Ranaka explains why she hasn’t divorced her estranged husband.

Video leak: “Klaas Pesha wants half of my estate” Dineo Ranaka explains why she hasn’t divorced her estranged husband

Drama does not leave Dineo Ranaka. The radio personality spoke to Enhle Mbali about her ex-husband Klaas Pesha and how she would fight him tooth and nail. In the clip, we can hear Dineo detailing many events during and after her marriage. She is currently in an ongoing private battle with her ex-husband.

Enhle Mbali accidentally went live on Instagram during the conversation with Dineo. The DJ and actress were having a private off-air conversation where Dineo revealed her ex is currently after half of her estate now that they are divorcing.

According to the Kaya FM host, her ex once assaulted her and her 3-month-old baby. Since the man wants half of everything she owns, Dineo says she will not give him anything. She does not want him to walk away after everything she had done as she spoke about how she detailed a day when the guy assaulted her.

Dineo Ranaka and ex husband Klaas Pesha, during happier times.


Her marriage with Klaas Pesha was held privately, but after ten months, the couple called it quits. At the time, both parties were speaking ill of each other and playing the blame game. When Enhle Mbali accidentally went live, it became evident that the two were still fighting.

Mzansi thinks Dineo is faking her healing
As we all know, Dineo advocates for spirituality, clean auras and healing. After her separation from Klaas, she presented an image of healing and being okay with their breakup, mainly because it was toxic. Now all of a sudden, she is privately speaking about fighting him.


Tweeps weighed in and said no wonder she has so much hatred and anger towards men. On top of that, she posted on her Instagram stories that she loves and respects her first two baby daddies as they are such peaceful gents.

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The blame goes to Enhle, not Dineo
On the video, it seems like Enhle went live by accident, but many speculate she may have done this deliberately. These tweeps think Enhle wanted to expose what Dineo is going through to create a conversation on social media. Some even thanked the actress for serving them very much enjoyed tea.

Watch Dineo Ranaka claim Klaas Pesha wants half her estate below:

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