A Durban pupil allegedly paid a taxi driver with her G-string instead of paying the normal taxi fare as others do. An incident where a pupil allegedly paid a taxi driver from KwaMakhutha in Durban with her G-string has become a hot topic.

Durban pupil ‘pays’ taxi driver with her G-string

Ukhozi FM traffic reporter, Ayanda Msweli, shared the video taken by the taxi driver who operates in the Durban CBD explaining how the underwear ended up in his taxi.

Despite being told that the driver wasn’t taking any passengers when all the others from KwaMakhutha got off just before Pixley Seme (formerly known as West Street), the learner refused to get off and asked to be dropped in Joe Slovo (formerly known as Field Street), reportedly.

In the video which has since gone viral, the taxi driver said he was shocked by what happened.

“I don’t know what this means or what the girl was thinking but what saddens me the most is that this was done by a school girl,” the driver said.

The pupil reportedly left the G-string when she got off at Field Street in the Durban CBD.

Many in the comment section praised the taxi driver for not giving in to temptation and for choosing to report the incident instead.

Others called for the Department of Education and Transport to intervene and take steps against the pupil. Also, it was not disclosed which school the pupil attends.

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In another incident, a female shopper was shot in the leg by a pellet gun. The violent row was allegedly centred around a panty-less woman in the queue. One couple made remarks about a ‘foul smell’ – and all hell broke loose.

A group of sisters were queueing for the till in a Verulam store when the altercation happened. It’s understood that the male who used the firearm, and his partner, made disparaging remarks when it became apparent the woman was not wearing any underwear with her leggings.

The confrontation began in the shop, and spilled into the car park. It’s at this point the suspect is accused of drawing a pellet gun and shooting one of the sisters in the leg. The couple then sped-off, but presented themselves to Reaction Unit SA (RUSA) officials just 30 minutes later.

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