Enyobeni owners refuse to apologise. It was reported that at least 21 youngsters had passed away while having fun at the Enyobeni Tavern in Scenery Park, which is located in East London.

Enyobeni owners refuse to apologise.

This transpired as a result of the fact that the minors were, according to the policies, granted entry into the establishment where alcoholic beverages are sold. On that awful day, children as young as 13 had passed away, and to this day, nobody knows what truly happened; the nation is still waiting for answers.

Enyobeni Tragedy
When the entire nation is still waiting to find out what killed those children, the owners of the tavern have made a couple of court appearances as they are charged with violating the Liquor Act for allegedly selling alcohol to underaged children on the night that 12 girls and nine boys died; however, they are currently out on a warning after being charged with the offense. Despite this, they have been charged with the offense while the entire nation is still waiting to find out what killed those children.

The two defendants made a brief court appearance on Wednesday, and as they were leaving, some journalists asked them if they are going to apologize to the families who lost their children on that tragic night. However, they categorically refused to apologize, claiming that they have nothing to apologize for because they did not kill anyone for that matter. The trial is scheduled to continue on Thursday.

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Vuyokazi Ndevu, who is 43 years old and married to Siyakhangela Ndevu, who is 52 years old and owns the establishment, interjected when the journalist asked Siyakhangela Ndevu, who is the owner of the establishment, some questions. She made it clear that they have no reason to apologize to anyone because they did not kill anyone, and she also instructed her husband not to answer any question from the journalists.

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