Generations The Legacy actress Zitha (Zoe Mthiyane) was fired earlier this week amid accusations of alcohol abuse on set. The actress has been going through a lot after he public breakup with fellow actor Rapulana (Tau) Seiphemo. The directors and producers of Generations : The Legacy decided not to kill off the character but rather replace her with a familiar face. Moshidi Motshegwa To Replace Zoe Mthiyane As Zitha On Generations

Moshidi Motshegwa To Replace Zoe Mthiyane As Zitha On Generations

Zoe was apparently on thin ice with the creator of the show; Mfundi Vundla since last year who apparently had enough of her binging alcohol on set, terrible headlines, and melodrama with her ex-boyfriend.

Mfundi was apparently waiting for her to slip up one more time before he fired her. Although fans of the show are distraught from her exit because she talented and entertaining to watch, Mfundi didn’t want anything to do with her again as he had someone else in mind for her replacement.

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The producers and casting directors of the show have apparently been in talks with the award-winning actress; Motshidi Motshekgwa to replace Zoe. Motshidi has been a fan-favorite for many South Africans as she’s more talented and entertaining than Zoe.

They are apparently still negotiating contracts and there’s been no final confirmation as yet according to sources as to when Motshidi will start filming for her role on Generations The Legacy.

Motshidi was fired after season one of The River and hasn’t been acting since. Mfundi apparently found it ridiculous that a talented actress like Motshidi could be fired because of some minor disagreements behind the scenes.

Zoe was apparently blindsided by her termination by Mfundi Vundla as she’s been doing a great job despite the headlines and drama behind the scenes.

Other previous actors of the show are however not surprised by Zoe’s termination as they’ve experienced Mfundi’s ruthlessness behind the scenes.

Zoe is taking her time at home and not bothered by the termination as she has children with successful men who are taking care of her children; she has not mentioned what her plans are for the future yet!

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