Painful pics from Soweto Tarven shooting. Sensitive: Inside Soweto Mdlalose Tavern Where 13 People Died, See What Was Spotted Inside. A few days ago, on June 24 and 27, 2022, I opined that alcohol was preventing black South Africans from achieving their full potential.

Painful pics from Soweto Tarven shooting.

As a result, I drew the ire of alcoholics, who told me to “mind my own business.” The following day, as I had predicted, the awful events that took place at the Enyobeni Tavern in East London took place.
Following the discovery of 21 dead bodies in a span of less than 21 years, everyone is outraged about what took place.

The shooting took place in the early hours of the morning at Mdlalose Tavern , which is located in the Nomzamo section of Orlando.

A total of 23 people were targeted by gunfire, and unfortunately, 14 of them did not survive their injuries; the rest are in critical condition. The ages range anywhere from 19 to 35 years old.

It is reported that the individuals showed up unexpectedly and began firing randomly. Inside the venue, dead bodies could be spotted laying on the floor while some people were taking videos. Watch below:

In a separate event that occurred on the same night, three people were shot and killed in a different watering hole in Matholeville, which is located in the West Rand, and one person is currently struggling for his or her life.

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In just over 15 days, alcohol has claimed the lives of 42 people in this country, while another 12 people have been fatally injured and a great number of others have been traumatized.

None of the victims are older than forty years old. What is it about alcohol that entices young people to try it in the first place?

If these young people had been at home, sleeping and not out looking for beverages, then there is a good chance that they would still be alive today. Don’t bother yourself with drinks, you young folks. It will kill you. It predates your existence.

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