Gogo Maweni Attacked On Social Media For Showing Off Things She Does At 2am. Our tradition as black people is slowly being tarnished by people who wanna earn a living through selling fake information on the media.

Gogo Maweni Attacked On Social Media For Showing Off Things She Does At 2am

These days a lot of Sangomas who are spreading the word are those who have no to less knowledge about mixing herbs.

All they do is share sensitive content that changes how people view their African roots. Gogo Maweni shared a video on social media, showing her followers the kind of Indomba she visits every night.

In the video, the lady is showing people dusty dolls that prove it all that she is not to be messed with when it comes to practicing dark magic. Followers couldn’t wait to attack her, this time they realized that backing her was the worst mistake ever. Women clearly far from being a real traditional healers.




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The videos she is sharing says it all that she is not a good person by personality. She can do almost anything to gain social media attention while destroying African spirituality. Would you say she is a good person to teach about our roots, if so leave your comment and explain why.

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